MED-Routes "Enhancing MED sustainable cultural tourism through the creation of eco-itineraries inside European Cultural Routes"


PROJECT TITLE" Enhancing MED sustainable cultural tourism through the creation of eco-itineraries inside European Cultural Routes"

: MED-Routes


ABOUT: Cultural Tourism is a key asset in MED economies, however it has a strong, mutually detrimental relationship with climate change when tourism industries do not effectively incorporate sustainable practices. The MED area therefore needs to strategically re-shape its cultural tourism offer by matching its focus on local cultural heritage with greater sustainability. Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe (CRs) represent a key instrument to sustain and promote cultural tourism all over Europe, from mainstream destinations to small-scale local contexts. MEDRoutes overall objective is therefore to establish and disseminate a local-based, low-impact model of sustainable tourism across CRs in the MED area, in particular, to establish a specific model of Mediterranean "slow tourism" rooted in the common heritage of 4 CRs.  


To tackle the project general objective, MED-Routes' approach is rooted in a TRANSFER rationale:


-  transfer mechanisms are put into place to cross-reference the most relevant, field-tested outputs from INCIRCLE & EMbleMatic projects for the design of eco-itineraries;

-  transfer mechanisms are further encouraged in application to MED-Routes experience through capacity building and institutional networking, especially in WP4. By exploiting Cultural Routes' plural and transnational dimension, MED-Routes will encourage the diffusion of its eco-itinerary model in the context of other CRs and by the initiative of similar institutional actors transnationally.  



The combination of all these elements defines transfer & capitalization as the core assets in MEDRoutes' approach in an innovative perspective for sharing the main outputs:


-  Transnational Strategy for sustainable tourism & eco-itineraries in the MED area

-  Green Label of Mediterranean CRs for the certification of eco-itineraries

- MED-Routes Action Plans outlining key actions to apply the Transn. Strategy into CRs' agenda.   



Programme priority Specific Objective: RSO2.6: Promoting the transition to a circular and resource efficient economy  


Project overall objective: Establish and disseminate a local-based, low-impact model of sustainable tourism across Cultural Routes in the MED area


Project Coordinator: Romagna Faentina Union


Project partners:

The Med-Routes partnership is composed by 8 PPs from 7 different Countries (Italy, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria) and 4 APs from 3 different Countries (France, Italy and Greece), covering a wide range of different fields and expertise but with one common shared field of action: cultural tourism in the framework of the Cultural Itineraries of the Council of Europe.

1.     Romagna Faentina Union (IT) - project coordinator

2.     Castelló de la Plana City Council (ES)

3.     Pafos Regional Board of Tourism (CY)


5.     Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union (EL)


7.     Municipality of Vila Franca de Xira (PT)

8.     Bulgarian Association for Transfer of Technology and Innovation - BATTI (BG)    


-         Associazione Strada Europea della Ceramica URF

-         Πολιτιστικός Οργανισμός «Δρόμοι της Ελιάς»

-         La Rotta dei Fenici LIU

-         Fédération Européenne des Cités Napoléoniennes



Program/call: Interreg EURO-MED

Program priority: Greener MED
Project Euro-MED0200798
Project budget: 999 000.00 € (EU contribution 80%)
Project duration: 01.01.2024-31.03.2026 (27 months)
The Project is co-funded by the the European Union  


Project website: www.interreg-euro-med/


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