BLUE CROWDFUNDING- Capacity Building of BLUE Economy Stakeholders to Effectively use CROWDFUNDING.



PROJECT TITLE: BLUE CROWDFUNDING- Capacity Building of BLUE Economy Stakeholders to Effectively use CROWDFUNDING.



ABOUT The project is focused on the fact that Blue economy innovation in the Mediterranean could be significantly improved, if more investment funds would be available. One possible solution is the use of Crowdfunding (CF), but in the MED area, knowledge and capacities for CF are still low in comparison to North EU. The project general objective is to improve innovation capacities in the blue growth sector by mainstreaming the use of crowdfunding. Additional project's ambition is to trigger change from using public funds for innovation to use crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to fund, test and validate innovative blue economy products and services. Consequently blue-economy SMEs will get better access to funding and will be able to deliver better and more innovative solutions.


EXPECTED RESULTS 1. Capacity building of blue economy SMEs on how to use CF; 2. Transnational blue-crowdfunding cluster with developed CF services; 3. Mainstreaming the international CF trainings in business support institutions; 4. Mainstreaming policy change and recognition of using civic crowdfunding in regions.

KEY OUTPUTS 1. Toolkit for blue economy alternative financing 2. 15 innovative blue growth SMEs ideas supported by crowdfunding campaigns 3. Blue crowdfunding cluster 4. Regional action plans on mainstreaming blue crowdfunding

Lead partner: E-Institute - Institute for comprehensive Development solutions (SI)


Project partners:

Network of the insular CCI of the European Union
Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Seville
Goteo foundation
University of Algarve - CRIA - Division of Entrepreneurship and TechnologyTransfer
Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry
European Crowdfunding Network
Council of Vlora region
Campania Region
Marche Region- Fish Economy, Trade and Consumer Protection Unit
Faculty of Economics and Businesses, University of Rijeka
Region of Central Macedonia, Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support


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Project value: 2,112,691.00 €

The Project is supported by the INTERREG MED Programme of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Total co-financing amounts: 1,996,946.50 €

Project duration: 11.2019-06.2022



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