EU policy


Insuleur is the voice of insular enterprises toward the EU institutions in Brussels. It is the only representation of insular enterprises on the European stage. It works on the promotion of economic and social development of insular regions by making sure insular enterprises' specific needs are well taken into account within the European policies.


This work requires to realize a proactive monitoring, to maintain regular meetings with European actors (European institutions and other organizations) and to keep up with the policy process through the publication of opinions and recommendations defending a better consideration of insular enterprises' interests.


Among other actions, Insuleur:


Ensures monitoring and information to its members through special e-mail alerts and regular newsletters


Takes part in public consultation published by the European commission


Represents insular interest by publishing position papers, participating in conferences and public hearings



Realizes interest coalitions with other organizations defending region with specific features (islands, mountains, sparsely populated areas etc.) through the "group 174"


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