European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is a European Union consultation body comprising representatives from employers' organisations, unions and notably farmers, consumers and professional organisations in the European Union.


This non-political body aims to issue opinions in different areas and may be consulted on legislative proposals from the European Commission.


INSULEUR has established close relations with the EESC and, specifically, with the Employer Group. EESC members regularly take part in events organised by INSULEUR. The Network has specifically and actively taken part in the production of the opinion on the initiative dated 10th July 2008 on ‘A Better Integration in the Internal Market as Key Factor for Cohesion and Growth for Islands'.


AVIS du CESE sur "Une meilleure intégration dans le marché intérieur, facteur clé de la cohésion et de la croissance pour les îles" (106 KB)

Blue Chamber Network

Started by IHK Nord (CCI of the North of Germany) and Greek CCIs, this network aims to bring together the maritime expertise of European CCIs so as to influence European orientations on maritime policy. This informal European network will allow experiences to be exchanged on maritime issues, the possibility of developing common projects, better knowledge of European initiatives and an increased influence on the European decision process.



Eurochambres is the European Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Its mission is to represent, serve and promote the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union at European institutions. INSULEUR is a member of Eurochambres.

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European Parliament of Enterprises Fact Sheet (446 KB)
European Parliament of Enterprises Programme (438 KB)
Reasons to participate at the EPE (424 KB)

174 Group

Groupe 174, an informal European organisation comprising the European Association of Elected Representatives from Mountain Areas (AEM), the Federation of European Small Islands (ESIN), Euromontana (European Association of Mountain Regions), CPMR-Island Commission, Insuleur and NSPA (Northern Sparsely Populated Areas).


This organisation represents the economic, social and political interests of territories seriously and permanently faced with natural or demographic difficulties, namely northern regions with very low population densities, islands and mountain regions.


Its main mission is to ensure that the arrangements in article 174 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union are correctly implemented by the European Union.


Groupe 174 members have specifically co-signed a critical note of the European Commission's working paper on territories with specific geographical features.


Groupe 174 actively takes part in the intergroup ‘Islands, Mountains, Very Low Population Density Regions' at the European Parliament.


Critical analysis of the European Commission Working Paper on Territories with Specific Geographical Features (436 KB)
Note critique sur le Document de Travail de la Commission Européenne (449 KB)

Islands Commission at the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions

The Islands Commission is one of the 6 geographical commissions of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR). Its members represent twenty-four European regional insular authorities.

Insuleur is in regular contact with the Islands Commission of the CPRM which is also part of ‘Groupe 174'.

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An ‘Islands, Mountains and Very Low Population Density Regions' intergroup has been set up at the European Parliament. The aim of this intergroup is specifically to allow better understanding at European institutions of the reality of these territories and to advocate the flexibility of community policies.

Insuleur actively takes part in the work of this intergroup with partner organisations: the CPMR, the Association of Elected Representatives from Mountain Areas (AEM), Euromontana, NSPA and ESIN.


Press release Intergroup "Mountains, Islands, Sparsely Populated Regions" (294 KB)
Communiqué de presse intergroupe (326 KB)
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