European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is a European Union consultation body comprising representatives from employers' organisations, unions and notably farmers, consumers and professional organisations in the European Union.


This non-political body aims to issue opinions in different areas and may be consulted on legislative proposals from the European Commission.


INSULEUR has established close relations with the EESC and, specifically, with the Employer Group. EESC members regularly take part in events organised by INSULEUR. The Network has specifically and actively taken part in the production of the opinion on the initiative dated 10th July 2008 on ‘A Better Integration in the Internal Market as Key Factor for Cohesion and Growth for Islands'.


AVIS du CESE sur "Une meilleure intégration dans le marché intérieur, facteur clé de la cohésion et de la croissance pour les îles" (106 KB)


Eurochambres is the European Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Its mission is to represent, serve and promote the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union at European institutions. INSULEUR is a member of Eurochambres.

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European Parliament of Enterprises Fact Sheet (446 KB)
European Parliament of Enterprises Programme (438 KB)
Reasons to participate at the EPE (424 KB)

Islands Commission at the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions

The Islands Commission is one of the 6 geographical commissions of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR). Its members represent twenty-four European regional insular authorities.

Insuleur is in regular contact with the Islands Commission of the CPRM.

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Greening the Islands (GTI)

Greening the Islands signed an agreements for cooperation on the GTI Observatory with INSULEUR in September 2020.

The agreements' focus is to: develop circular economy opportunities in small islands in Europe and in the rest of the world; disseminate best practises with regard to innovative solutions and promote initiatives aimed at a convergence of island key stakeholders' positions and raise awareness among institutions to accelerate the sustainable transition.

INSULEUR has joined as member of the Island Advisor Committee, responsible for addressing island needs, in the new structure of the GTI Observatory that includes working groups and task forces on energy, mobility, water, waste, agriculture, blue growth and sustainable tourism.

The first five task forces already operative are: floating offshore wind, EU regulatory framework on batteries, Solar energy - water recycling & desalination hybrid systems, Sustainable Agriculture in small islands, sustainable tourism in the island resort. More details are available HERE.




SMILO (Small Islands Organisation)

SMILO (Small Islands Organisation) is an NGO governed by french law. Its mission is to support small islands measuring less than 150 km² that wish to adopt a more sustainable way of managing their territory. SMILO's actions cover various transversal themes such as water, sanitation, waste, energy, biodiversity, landscapes and island heritage.

SMILO's approach is anchored in shared governance and fosters the sustainable development of each territory to the benefit of its population and their environment.

The islands' dedication is recognised in a label developed by SMILO. The Sustainable Island label constitutes international recognition for small islands that are striving to improve the management and conservation of natural resources. The label aims to highlight conservation challenges on small islands and to promote territories that are veritable "laboratories" with a role to play in ecological transitioning. To support islands as they work towards the label, SMILO grants access to an Islands Fund, which finances concrete, innovative operations on islands.


INSULEUR together with SMILO are part of the GTI Observatory and as members of the Island Advisor Committee, are jointly responsible for addressing island needs, that includes working groups and task forces on energy, mobility, water, waste, agriculture, blue growth and sustainable tourism.


More details available HERE.



Observatory on Tourism for Islands Economy (OTIE)

The aim of the Observatory on Tourism for Islands Economy (OTIE) is to draw up statistical surveys and to produce research documents on tourism in islands.
The activities of the Observatory are focused on updating the Databank on Insular Tourism, creating a Documentation Centre on the islands, conducting studies and research work, organizing forums and seminars and participating in European projects on cooperation and social development. OTIE offers its support in devising strategies and marketing plans on tourism, based on insular realities.


INSULEUR shares strong links with OTIE as well as a successful track of jointly organized public hearings and consultations.

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  • Between INSULEUR and the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) (April 2020)



An ‘Islands, Mountains and Very Low Population Density Regions' intergroup has been set up at the European Parliament. The aim of this intergroup is specifically to allow better understanding at European institutions of the reality of these territories and to advocate the flexibility of community policies.

Insuleur actively takes part in the work of this intergroup with partner organisations: the CPMR, the Association of Elected Representatives from Mountain Areas (AEM), Euromontana, NSPA and ESIN.


Press release Intergroup "Mountains, Islands, Sparsely Populated Regions" (294 KB)
Communiqué de presse intergroupe (326 KB)
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