Welcome note from the former President


Islands have inherent problems, such as geographical isolation, lack of infrastructure and human resources, difficulties in supplies and communications and are "vulnerable" to economic, social and environmental changes.

Nowadays, insular economies are forced to achieve significant aims, for the next period 2014-2020, maximally exploiting existing opportunities, asking for more island-friendly EU policies.

The "island issue" pertains to all EU policies (regional, environmental, agricultural, energy, transport, enterprise, competition, health etc.), thus it should always be taken into account in the Community decision-making.

  INSULEUR creation and actions have significantly contributed to the community acquis, which is to be preserved and further developed.

  Results of our common efforts have been achieved, e.g. in European regional, maritime transport and agricultural policies.

  In order to influence European institutions in favour of islands, INSULEUR cooperates with insular governments and organizations, such as the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR), European Small Island Network (ESIN) etc.

  As president of Professional Chamber of Piraeus, who was honoured to be elected president of INSULEUR for the next years, I feel responsible to insular entrepreneurs and promise to work hard for the economic and social growth of our islands.

Georges Benetos

Insuleur President (2014-2016)



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