The InnoNauTICs project partners launch to bring together the offer of the Euro-Mediterranean nautical sector

The InnoNauTICs has achieved one of its milestones. INSULEUR partners involved in this project officially launched in early July at its meeting in Heraklion (Greece) platform, which brings together nautical sector offer from the four countries that are developing this project so far: Spain, France, Italy and Greece, and intends to include 850 companies.


His greatest achievement is to bring together in a single online platform ports, business services, agendas and information from the four countries of the project partners, to which other territories will be added in the future, to complete the offer of nautical tourism in the Mediterranean.


Besides the creation of the platform, this project includes the development of innovative nautical pilot projects and the creation of a Center for Training and Innovation to facilitate the exchange of information between end-users and state agencies trough the web site.

Prior to the web site launching, InnoNauTICs partners presented last may in Brussels this platform to various members of the Economic and Social Committee (EESC) and the other members of INSULEUR that do not participate in this initiative, which main objective is to strengthen the capacity and innovation of SMEs in the marine industry through the dissemination of innovative initiatives and the creation of transnational cooperation.


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