After a successful first test year, INSULEUR encourages its members to take part in the HERMES-ILES program for staff exchanging

With the aim of increasing cooperation between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union Island, INSULEUR launched this year a staff exchange program amongst its members called HERMES-ILES who has successfully passed its first test year.

This program allows one of the employees of each member of INSULEUR to have a one-week stay in the headquarters of another member of the organisation. To promote this program, INSULEUR makes a financial contribution of 1,000 euros to each of the members that send one of its employees to another partner's headquarters.

So far, nearly a dozen partners of 5 different countries have participated or plan to participate in this program by the end of 2010. As an example, Antonio Cañellas, of the Chamber of Commerce of Majorca,visited last February Cagliari's Chamber of Commerce (Sardinia, Italy) to increase his knowledge of the institutional organisation of the Italian system of Chambers of Commerce, while Marina Pothou, from the Chamber of Piraeus, visited Majorca for topics related to studies, publications and marketing in Europe.

Given the success of this program, INSULEUR  intends to keep it running in 2011, so we encourage you to learn more about this initiative in order to participate in it and get the benefits you may obtain by strengthening relations amongst the island Chambers community.


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