I-STARS hybrid Project launch (Chios)


INSULEUR launched the I-STARS EU funded project on May 9th 📍 in Chios.


The hybrid format of this event gathered tourism stakeholders based in 1️⃣0️⃣ Greek islands and organizations/chambers of commerce representing the totality of insular SMEs.


They were reminded of the ever more pressing need to balance all 3 environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development to guarantee its sustainability in the long term and therefore the protection and prosperity of islands and insular communities along with it, while aligning with the evolving, post-covid, visitors' behavior patterns and conscious-driven demands.


➡️ This introduction laid the basis for the description of the I-STARS objectives, benefits and specific activities including the upcoming Call for sustainability experts and Grant Scheme for SMEs offered by the Project, which in turn, produced an active exchange among participants on the challenges faced by tourism SMEs with regards to the lake of know-how and funds for becoming more sustainable. 2 aspects that I-STARS intends to tackle within its 36 months duration.



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