INNOVAGRO PROJECT “Development of an innovative network for the promotion of extroversion of agro-food companies in Adriatic – Ionian Area”

The Third Transnational Networking Workshop of the Interreg Adrion INNOVAGRO Project was organized by INSULEUR in our headquarters in Chios.

The aim of the workshop was to critically examine the formation of clusters among the participants, which would promote the extroversion of agro-food companies in Adriatic-Ionian Area and whose capstone would be the production and circulation of a Memorandum of Understandind (MoU). With respect to the ten project partners, four of them come from Greece, one from Serbia, one from Slovenia and three from Italy. 

The 3rd Transnational Networking Workshop commenced with INSULEUR's president Mr. Joseph Borg delivering the
introductory speech. Mr. Borg highlighted the importance of INNOVAGRO Project in the IonianAdriatic area and, in particular, he underlined the fact that such projects tend to enhance communication among different sectors, which in turn will ensure that this sector will continue to
thrive. Furthermore, what was stressed was the fact that in an era when agri-business sector faces challenges- such as the decline of the rural population, the emigration of young people from villages to towns, the closure of infrastructure (or the lack of it), and the small size of farms- INNOVAGRO significantly attempts to introducean
element of innovation through the services of marketing and management in a sector which is generally considered as traditional and quite fragmented and additionally, it tries to bridge the gap between scientific research and practice.



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