The sailing boat ‘Treaty of Rome’ will promote throughout Euro-Mediterranean islands ports

The InnoNauTICs project, as well as its webportal, will count on a very special partner to promote its activities throughout various Euro-Mediterranean islands ports: the saling boat ‘Treaty of Rome'.


The trip will start next September, starting at Chios (Nothern Aegean, headquarters of INSULEUR) and berthing ports of all partners of INNONAUTICs (Heraklion, Palermo, Cagliari, Oristano, Bastia, Palma de Mallorca). It will last about 20-25 days, depending on weather conditions. About 20 volunteers will navigate with the boat.


In the berthing ports, special events will be organized by the local Chamber of commerce, partners of INNONAUTICs, in cooperation with local associations of SMEs, local yachting clubs and policy makers (Regions, Departments etc). Local media (TV, radio, newspapers) will be invited to cover the event.


Promotional material, such as leaflets, key chains, DVD, caskets, which are
now under construction and which should be transported in the boat, will be distributed to SMEs and other attendees.


The promotion and diffusion campaign will have three main objectives:


- to recruit the maximum of companies of the nautical sector, which are in the competence area of the Chambers of commerce partners of INNONAUTICs;

- to assure the largest diffusion of the INNONAUTICs portal to the whole sector and tourism enterprises;

- to promote INNONAUTICs project and MED program.



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